The Covid 19 pandemic has made access to travel restrictions and safety crucial for travelers. is taking the lead to provide our customers with valuable resources concerning travel regulations and also allowing customers to verify the safety of their desired destinations and accommodations before booking.

At, we offer a FREE-Cancellation option for most hotels. However, even if your reservation may have a non-refundable cancellation policy, if you have a compelling reason to cancel your booking (flight restrictions or covid positive test result), we will do our best to cancel your booking for FREE. Just contact us, and one of our Halal Travel Experts will help you immediately.

Contact us and one of our Halal Travel Experts will assist you right away.


Travel Regulations Map

IATA is an authority whose purpose is to accommodate the needs of the Airline Industry. Governments are developing different travel and health regulations, and IATA is working closely with governments worldwide to set up a user-friendly travel database that travelers can easily access to find out relevant travel and health restrictions. 


Safe Traavel Global Protocol 

The WTTC developed the Safe Travels Global Protocols to simplify and standardise the rules and cleanliness standards across the travel industry. The map allows travelers to identify countries or businesses that have adopted these standards. The Protocols encompass airports, hotels, restaurants, airlines, cruise lines, transportation, tour operators, tourist attractions, short-term rentals, car rentals, and outdoor shopping facilities. The Safe Travels Stamp is also easily identifiable and will help make travelers feel safe and at ease.